Duct Sealent, Adhesives & Coatings

Duct Sealent, Adhesives
& Coatings




Application Consistency:

Brush, trowel, glove, caulking gun, or power extrusion

Specific Gravity:


Average Solids:

70% by weight

Coverage Range:

Brush: 0.81t/m2 at 0.8mm wet film thickness caulking gun: 38m per 300m1 tube at 3.2mm bead 9m per 300m1 tube at 6.4mm bead

Drying Time 232c / 50% RH:

Set to touch: 1 hour. dry through: 16 hours

Service Temperature Limits:

-10°c to 93qc

Fungal Growth Resistance (astm g 21):

Hating = 0, no tungal growth on surtace.

Wet Flammability:

No flash to boiling, over 100°c

Surface Burning Characteristics (as1530.3.1989):

Ignitability index: 0 spread of flame index: 0 heat evolved index: 0 smoke developed index: 3 applied to 6mm non-combustible substrate. the results of this fire test may be used to directly assess fire hazard, but it should be recognized that a single fire test method will not provide a full assessment of fire hazard under all fire conditions.

BS 476 Parts 6+7:

Class “0”

AS4254 -2002:

Meets the requirements uv, ozone and weather resistance for exterior installations