Product Development
Robinair’s emphasis on product development and investment in new technologies is directly related to its growth over the years. Our design engineers combine technical knowledge with an understanding of the markets we serve. By staying close to the customer, they develop the kind of products needed in the field.
New products are tested in our in-house laboratory where we use an environmental chamber to simulate a wide range of field conditions. In recent years, we’ve added electronics capabilities and now have equipment with automated operation, as well as sophisticated diagnostic instruments.

Sales and Marketing
Robinair’s success is based in large part on a clear understanding of our customers’ needs. Our sales force and product managers work with engineers, OEMs and end users in designing products and features.
Robinair products are sold in two primary markets: heating/ventilating/air conditioning/refrigeration (HVAC-R) and mobile, which encompasses the automotive aftermarket, as well as agriculture, construction, off-road, and other niche industries.
Working with our independent sales representatives in the United States and Canada, we sell through HVAC-R wholesalers and automotive distributors. Internationally, we have strategically located sales offices and distribution in nearly every country in the world.

After-Sales Support
Once you buy Robinair, we back you with strong after-sales support. There’s a toll-free Technical Support line staffed by specially trained technicians who can help you if you have any problems with a Robinair product. For repairs, there’s a nationwide network of authorized service centers. All products are covered by a one-year warranty, and a number of popular items are covered by a “No Hassle” over-the-counter exchange policy.
Internationally, support is provided by sales offices and distributors.

Innovation is as important in building product as it is in designing it. The people who work at SPX/Robinair are continually devising faster, better ways to build products—and to get them into the hands of customers.
Manufacturing, assembly and shipping are done at the Owatonna, Minnesota facility. Whether components are manufactured by Robinair or built to our tight specifications by outside vendors, thousands of parts are received, inspected and inventoried each day.
Like many industry leaders, we’ve instituted a quality assurance program that touches all aspects of the business. The people who design, manufacture and support our products with pride and commitment have built Robinair into a world-class supplier.

Robinair Story

Robinair’s position as a global leader in service tools and equipment is the result of evolution and recognizing market opportunities.

Robinair was founded in 1956 by the Kent-Moore Corporation of Warren, Michigan, to design and manufacture specialized tools for repairing appliances. The name of the new company was a combination of the names of two Kent-Moore executives, Robinette and Adair. With the increasing popularity of air conditioning, both for homes and automobiles, Robinair soon moved into this growing market. In just a few years, the product line was the most complete in the industry.