PalDuct Components & Accessories

PalDuct Components & Accessories


PalDuct was the first rigid pre-insulated ductwork product in the world. At over 40 years old, PalDuct has now expanded to products, which aid the fabrication of all pre-insulated HVAC ductwork.

Kingspan PalDuct Components and Accessories enable the fabrication of a complete pre-insulated ductwork system.

Pre-insulated Volume Control Damper

Kingspan PalDuct VCD is made from a high performance rigid thermoset polyurethane (PUR) insulation core.

Pre-insulated Access Door

Kingspan PalDuct Access door is fabricated from Kingspan PalDuct panels. It provides durable and practical means of gaining access to components inside the ductwork.

A complete set of hand tools has been specifically developed to enable efficient fabrication of Kingspan PalDuct systems.

Profiles and corners facilitate the fabrication of complete the range of Kingspan PalDuct Systems.

Profiles and corners to facilitate the fabrication of antimicrobial coated Kingspan PalDuct Eco System.

Reinforcement bars and discs for large ductwork fabricated from Kingspan PalDuct Systems.

Adhesive, Tape & Sealant for ductwork fabricated from the range of Kingspan PalDuct Systems.