Self-Supporting Ducts


Self-Supporting Ducts

CLIMAVER® is made from glass wool resulting in lightweight ductwork.
CLIMAVER® is environmentally friendly thanks to both thermal performance and excellent airtightness. It also offers high level of comfort to building occupants thanks to high level of acoustic absorption.
CLIMAVER® ductboard is faced on both sides:

  • The surface which will form the external side of the duct has a reinforced aluminium foil facing which will act as a vapour barrier and ensure that the duct is airtight.
  • The surface that will form the inner side of the duct (in contact with the airstream) has a facing of either aluminium, glass mat or fabric, depending on the properties required for the duct (acoustics, cleaning…).

CLIMAVER has benefits which sets it apart from other duct providers as follows:

  • Enhanced Acoustic comfort
  • Excellent Fire protection
  • High Energy Efficiency
  • Fast Installation
  • Light in Weight
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality and Many more