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In addition to the main industrial process components, there are many other elements of process equipment and of the installation that are particularly challenging in terms of insulation. Heat exchangers, small vessels and turbines are just some of the areas for which KIMMCO-ISOVER is able to offer standard, flexible and multi-purpose insulation products, as well as customized solutions to meet individual customer needs.

Process equipment and installations – KIMMCO-ISOVER multi-purpose and customised insulation solutions

Sustainable and good for the environment, KIMMCO-ISOVER process insulation solutions, not only offer effective thermal performance to reduce process energy costs and improve process efficiency, but also offer good mechanical performance and high levels of acoustic performance to reduce noise transmitted from and through industrial installations.

Heat exchangers and small equipment

For smaller process equipment with surface structures that are difficult to insulate, a flexible and mechanically bonded product such as KIMMCO-ISOVER wired mats offers a good solution. KIMMCO-ISOVER wired mats have a soft and flexible inner side that adapts easy to curves and outlets.

The wire mesh allows sections of insulation to be fixed tightly in place on the surface of the equipment using welded pins, or with steel bands if pins are not permitted by the company specification. Any spaces that remain can be filled with KIMMCO-ISOVER loose wool products. These are available in the form of lightly bonded rolls or blowing wool, either with low binder content or completely binder-free for use at temperatures up 750°C.

Turbine insulation – KIMMCO-ISOVER insulation that withstands heat and vibration

The insulation of steam turbines is complicated and places tough demands on the insulation system. The system not only need to operate at high temperatures, but the mechanical stresses caused by intense vibrations in the turbines add to the difficulties faced by the insulation system designer.

The answer often lies, therefore, in special industrial mattresses with a filling of KIMMCO-ISOVER mineral wool insulation in the form of, for instance, uncured wired mat. The high temperature textile mattresses can be easily removed for inspection and maintainance work.

KIMMCO-ISOVER wired mats, however, now offer an alternative method for installations operating at high temperatures. up to 750°C MST. They are even suitable for use on higher temperature turbines, if used in combination with a CMS first layer. Wired mats stone wool offer low thermal conductivity and superior acoustic performance, adding to their list of advantages over conventional systems.