Pipework systems designed to transport liquids and gases are an integral part of any industrial process.

High performance pipe insulation is essential for a number of reasons:

  • To ensure thermal stability of the transported medium for process security
  • To provide thermal insulation to improve energy efficiency, reduce heat loss and cut CO2 emissions
  • For safety reasons – to protect personnel from hot surfaces
  • To prevent corrosion through reduced humidity and condensation
  • To reduce noise caused by turbulence in high speed media
  • To provide passive fire protection for improved plant safety

KIMMCO-ISOVER mineral wool pipe insulation solutions are the perfect choice to address all of these requirements – providing thermal, sound insulation and fire protection within a single product. They are ideal for a full range of applications and temperature ranges, from cryogenic to hot pipes in power plants.

KIMMCO-ISOVER TECH products not only provide high levels of thermal performance for economic and environmental puroposes, they are designed to operate at a range of temperatures up to 750°C (MST), provide excellent acoustics to help controlling plant noise, and improve safety for plant personnel. They are light and easy to handle, and are particularly beneficial where access is difficult and space limited.

For even greater time saving, choose preformed products like KIMMCO-ISOVER pipe sections, which are not only designed to simply snap-on for fast and efficient installation, but are easier and more comfortable to handle and offer up 25% better thermal performance.

For more complicated constructions, such as large diameter pipes and vessels, complex components and for environments with high levels of mechanical stress, flexible products like such as KIMMCO-ISOVER Wired Mats offer an ideal solution.

Straight process pipes – KIMMCO-ISOVER preformed pipe section range

KIMMCO-ISOVER offers a wide range of TECH Pipe Sections to adapt to different temperatures and needs of industry pipe insulation. KIMMCO-ISOVER TECH Pipes Sections can normally all be used without support structures and have a benefical length of 1.2 metre for fast and efficient installation.

All unfaced KIMMCO-ISOVER pipe sections are non-combustible A1 (EN 13501) and contribute to high fire safety in industrial environments. Low chloride content and reinforced aluminium faced options are available to reduce humidity and prevent condensation causing corrosion under the insulation (CUI).

Large process pipes – KIMMCO-ISOVER flexible pipe insulation range

Flexible insulation with support structures
The standard method used for flexible insulation of big diameter process pipes irrespective of the pipe diameter is usually the installation of wired mats.
KIMMCO-ISOVER offers a range of standard stonewool wired mats of different densities and thermal performances.

Both are stitched with stainless or galvanised wire on stainless or galvanised wired mesh and can be joined and sealed by wire, hooks or rings.

KIMMCO-ISOVER insulation of pipe flanges and valves – Avoiding thermal bridges

Uninsulated pipe flanges and valves can cause significant thermal bridging in industrial pipelines, leading to high thermal losses and therefore high operational and ecological costs.

Effective insulation of these thermal bridges however, can reduce heat loss up to 50% and should therefore always be considered when planning insulation work. As well as preformed pipe section, which are extremely efficient at reducing thermal briging at joints, KIMMCO-ISOVER offers a wide range of flexible products to fill these gaps.KIMMCO-ISOVER loose wool can be stuffed in to fill gaps and thus ensure good thermal insulation at operating temperatures up to 750°C, even in areas which are difficult to access.

The flexibility of KIMMCO-ISOVER Wired Mats means valves, flanges and other uneven pipe surfaces can be easily insulated, avoiding thermal bridges and contributing significantly to the thermal efficiency of the whole installation. Because they use mechanical fixings, wire mats allow easy access to valves and flanges when needed, and can be reused afterwards.