Pipe Insulation

Pipe Insulation

Pipe Insulation

HVAC pipes distribute hot and chilled water and other refrigerants throughout the installation. They are insulated with engineered KIMMCO-ISOVER glass wool sections to save energy, prevent condensation and improve comfort.

KIMMCO-ISOVER’s produces wide range of glass wool based pre-formed pipe sections; designed specifically for the insulation of HVAC pipework:

  • Faced with FSK – Pipe sections, with a factory-applied reinforced Aluminum foil covering (FSK) incorporating an overlap (self-adhesive in some cases). This helps to provide effective vapour control.
  • Faced with Aluglass for improved puncture resistance, mechanical strength and vapor control.
  • Unfaced pipe sections, supplied without factory-applied outer covering and therefore suitable for use with or without site applied finishes on pipes operating at ambient temperatures and above.

The use of KIMMCO-ISOVER pipe sections contributes to thermal comfort and savings, prevents condensation problems and improves the acoustic performance

  • Non-combustible
  • Effectively prevents condensation
  • Superior thermal performance
  • Optimum Acoustic performance

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