Facade Insulation


Facade Insulation

Façade is the external front face of a building. Façade insulation functions as a barrier protect against heat, cold noise and fire.

It also protect buildings against the harsh weather and keeps the building dry & safe. It is advisable to consider non-combustible insulation in façade applications since it ill reduce or delay the fire spread.
In a typical building, around 30%of the energy used to heat or cool is wasted due to poorly insulated walls. External insulated walls significantly reduces energy loss by wrapping the building with thermally resistant envelope, helping to improve comfort, reduce energy bill and carbon emission.

The facade of the new or existing building can be done with suitable system. KIMMCO-ISOVER offers durable stone wool products for both type of building and for different systems like ventilated façade, Cavity wall insulation and curtain wall.

KIMMCO-ISOVER’s façade insulation products are non combustible and hydrophobic in nature, does not attract moisture. The open cell structure keeps the insulation dry. Façade products are an excellent choice for ventilated and unventilated façade. The product is available unfaced- or with aluminum facing

  • Non- Combustible- classified as A1 as per EN standards
  • Enhanced thermal properties
  • Optimum acoustic performance
  • Durable
  • Mechanical stable
  • Moisture resistance

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