External Insulation For Ducts

External Insulation
For Ducts

External Insulation For Ducts

HVAC metal ductworks require thermal insulation to reduce heat loss, avoid condensation and improve comfort. The most common materials for this application are flexible glass wool rolls which are wrapped around the duct outer surface.

KIMMCO-ISOVER products are available as boards, blankets or lamellas for the insulation of rectangular ductworks. The products are applied to the external face of the ductwork and mechanically fixed into position with wire, elastic bands or tape. The most common materials are made from glass wool and incorporate an aluminium foil facing that acts as a vapour barrier.

KIMMCO-ISOVER duct insulation solutions provide a range of thermal benefits including heat/energy savings, improved thermal comfort and condensation prevention. They also provide acoustic performance to reduce noise transmission through the ductwork system.

  • Enhanced thermal comfort
  • Prevents condensation
  • Superior acoustic performance
  • Non-combustible glass wool
  • Light weight and easy to handle

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