Chimneys & Exhausts

Chimneys & Exhausts

Chimneys & Exhausts

Insulation of flue gas or exhaust duct sytems, including filtering equipment and industrial chimneys, is vital to a plant’s energy flow management and process control. Thermal insulation is key to reducing heat loss and protecting personnel working on the plant. Even more important is the control of flue gas temperature to prevent condensation of, for instance, sulphuric acid, which will lead to corrosion and reduction in the service life and/or functionality of the whole system.

Industrial chimneys and exhausts KIMMCO-ISOVER solutions for circular and rectangular structures

For rectangular ducts, the KIMMCO-ISOVER range includes Tech slabs stone wool , which offer different levels of thermal performance and maximum operating temperature. These products not only provide excellent thermal insulation performance, but have the flexibility and mechanical strength needed to fit perfectly within the available space.
or insulated metal duct constructions requiring fire resistance of up to 120 minutes, please refer to the stone wool range of slabs and wired mats.

High fluctuating temperatures and vibrations in chimneys and exhaust systems place additional demands on the insulation, requiring products that are both flexible and offer high mechanical strength. KIMMCO-ISOVER stone wool wired mats provide the perfect solution, offering a range of different performance and temperature levels for flexible and circular or uneven structures.

High flow speeds, pressures and turbulence in the media are a prime cause of noise within the system, requiring efficient acoustic insulation, especially in inhabited urban areas. When integrated into the construction,KIMMCO-ISOVER mineral wool insulation will not only provide thermal performance and fire protection, it will also offer effective acoustic insulation to significantly reduce noise emissions from the system.

Industrial chimneys KIMMCO-ISOVER flexible and safe solutions

Thermal insulation of industrial chimneys is particularly important to prevent corrosion of the internal steel channels.

With KIMMCO-ISOVER stone wool wired mats, the insulation of circular structures is flexible, fast and efficient. , especially in higher temperature systems, which can be critical in environments where space is typically limited. All KIMMCO-ISOVER Wired Mats are available with reinforced aluminium facing to limit dust, provide an effective vapour barrier, and make removal and re-use of the insulation system easier and more efficient.

At lower temperatures, up to 250°C, glass wool or stone wool lamella mats provide an alternative to wired mats.

For smaller diameter chimney pipes, KIMMCO-ISOVER offers a specially designed range of stone wool pipe sections. These high performance sections are preformed to exact dimensions to provide a quick and efficient method of insulation.

For a wider range of chimney pipe diameters,KIMMCO-ISOVER can supply special slabs with multi-plate strips to suit individual customer requirements. Ideal for prefabricated chimneys, these products allow high levels of insulation to be achieved quickly, with a perfect fit and without the compromises in thermal insulation efficiency which can be associated with lamella or wired mats.

KIMMCO-ISOVER slabs are available with different facings, including comfort tissue for dust-free conditions or to improve acoustic behaviour, and reinforced aluminium which acts as a vapour barrier to reduce the risk of corrosion under insulation (CUI).

Boiler Tops KIMMCO-ISOVER Insulation For Heavy Loads

Choosing the right insulation system for flue gas and hot air ducts in power or processing plants depends on factors like temperature, shape, size and the mechanical performance needed. With the complete range of stone wool products, specially designed for this application, KIMMCO-ISOVER will always offer the perfect solution to meet your specification needs.

KIMMCO-ISOVER stone wool wired mats complete the range of flexible solutions, with operational temperatures up to 750°C. Where additional mechanical strength is required, KIMMCO-ISOVER lamella mats provide the answer.

In the case of rectangular ducts, slab solutions are generally easier and faster to install, especially where multilayer applications are involved. At lower temperatures, up to 250°C, KIMMCO-ISOVER glass wool slabs provide a light and economic solution. At constantly higher or intermittent temperatures.

For applications requiring high mechanical compression strength to carry heavier loads, KIMMCO-ISOVER stone wool slabs are available in various performance levels. All KIMMCO-ISOVER slabs can be easily fixed with normal pins and washers, although local specifications and standards should be followed during construction.

Special hydrophobic and AS-quality KIMMCO-ISOVER slabs provide additional protection from corrosion, extending the life and efficiency of systems with higher corrosion risk.