Flexible Rubber Joint GFLEX-F1

Flexible Rubber
Joint GFLEX-F1


This product is mainly applicable for piping systems in commercial and industrial buildings and plants. Applicable fluids are exclusively water including cold water, warm water, cooled water, sea water, etc. This product can not be used for drinking water, pool water, oil, or boiled water.



Having been used in more than 20 countries for over 30years, GALA brand products proudly demonstrate their popularily.


Unparalleled durability is guaranteed by the distinctive and strict design standards of GALA.


Manufactured in GALA’s own factory under thorough control with ISO9000 quality management system.


No Parts Materials
1 Flange-A Ductile Iron, Mild Steet (350-600)
2 Reinforcing Ring Carbon Steel
3 Inner Rubber EPDM
4 Outer Rubber EPDM
5 Reinforcing Cord Nylon

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