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Pipe Insulation Pipe Insulation HVAC pipes distribute hot and chilled water and other refrigerants throughout the installation. They are insulated with engineered KIMMCO-ISOVER glass wool sections to save energy, prevent condensation and improve comfort. KIMMCO-ISOVER’s produces wide range of glass wool based pre-formed pipe sections; designed specifically for the insulation of HVAC pipework: Faced with [...]
External Insulation For Ducts External Insulation For Ducts HVAC metal ductworks require thermal insulation to reduce heat loss, avoid condensation and improve comfort. The most common materials for this application are flexible glass wool rolls which are wrapped around the duct outer surface. KIMMCO-ISOVER products are available as boards, blankets or lamellas for the insulation [...]
Self-Supporting Ducts Internal insulation For Ducts Besides thermal insulation, metal ductworks often require acoustic insulation to prevent noise transmission and improve comfort. Special insulation slabs or blankets, generally glass wool, are fixed to the internal walls for effective noise control. KIMMCO-ISOVER products are available in blankets or slabs for application to the internal surfaces of [...]
Self-Supporting Ducts Self-Supporting Ducts CLIMAVER® is made from glass wool resulting in lightweight ductwork. CLIMAVER® is environmentally friendly thanks to both thermal performance and excellent airtightness. It also offers high level of comfort to building occupants thanks to high level of acoustic absorption. CLIMAVER® ductboard is faced on both sides: The surface which will form [...]
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