Pipework Pipework Pipework systems designed to transport liquids and gases are an integral part of any industrial process. High performance pipe insulation is essential for a number of reasons: To ensure thermal stability of the transported medium for process security To provide thermal insulation to improve energy efficiency, reduce heat loss and cut CO2 emissions [...]
Tanks & Vessels Process Equipment In addition to the main industrial process components, there are many other elements of process equipment and of the installation that are particularly challenging in terms of insulation. Heat exchangers, small vessels and turbines are just some of the areas for which KIMMCO-ISOVER is able to offer standard, flexible and [...]
Tanks & Vessels Tanks & Vessels Storage tanks and vessels in industry are as variable in size, shape and media temperature as the processes they support. However, they all have one thing in common - the need for effective insulation that meets all of the requirements of the process in terms of maintaining stability, preserving [...]
Chimneys & Exhausts Chimneys & Exhausts Insulation of flue gas or exhaust duct sytems, including filtering equipment and industrial chimneys, is vital to a plant's energy flow management and process control. Thermal insulation is key to reducing heat loss and protecting personnel working on the plant. Even more important is the control of flue gas [...]