Metallic Building Metallic Building Steel buildings are normally a good conductor of heat hence thermal Insulation is must required in steel Building. Insulation works as a barrier to heat transfer, helping to keep out unwanted heat during summer and preserving warmth during winter in metal buildings.Insulation usually addresses two important goals in such buildings —stabilizing [...]
FACADE INSULATION Facade Insulation Façade is the external front face of a building. Façade insulation functions as a barrier protect against heat, cold noise and fire. It also protect buildings against the harsh weather and keeps the building dry & safe. It is advisable to consider non-combustible insulation in façade applications since it ill reduce [...]
ETICS / EIFS ETICS / EIFS External Thermal Insulation Composite System (ETICS) or External Insulation Finish System (EIFS) ETICS is one of the most efficient systems to insulate external walls (new or renovated) to offer improved thermal and acoustic comfort. Theoretically ETICS has zero thermal bridges. Besides that, ETICS protects the structure from the thermal [...]
Floor Floor The floors which separate two different levels needs insulation to reduce the impact noise reaching the floor below. Noise generated by the people walking in the floor above or the noise from vibrating machines and equipment from can be isolated using suitable insulation to create acoustic comfort. KIMMCO-ISOVER provides high resilient and durable [...]
Ceiling / Soffit Ceiling / Soffit The major advantage of insulating the ceiling or soffit is to enhance thermal comfort. Soffit insulation supports to reduce the energy requirements to keep the building cool Soffit acts as a barrier stopping the radiant heat entering inside the building through exposed roof or heat loss through floor like [...]
Roof Roof Roof is one of the critical building structure through which nearly 40% of the heat is gained or lost and this results in increased energy wastage. It is also important to consider safety of the building while considering insulation for building. KIMMCO-ISOVER provides wide range non-combustible stone wool products to meet your project [...]
Partition Wall Partition Wall Partition wall is a lightweight, non-loadbearing wall structure. Normally partition walls are made of gypsum board with insulation as infill. It is primarily used as a sound resisting wall in a residential, commercial and industrial buildings. It is an alternative to brick wall that can offer high acoustic and fire resistance [...]