Started its production operations with aluminium flexible air ducts in 1991; AFS, besides being the renowned manufacturer of various flexible air ducts, duct connection elements, today it has also become a leader establishment in air-conditioning sector.

AFS’ s production headquarters and export/ import departments are located in Ankara and the two different areas of logistics centers and offices are located in Istanbul, where it is the stock support center and where the main domestic sales and distribution operations are controlled. Taking the lead in the European and Middle Eastern countries including domestic market; AFS provides the world’ s need by exporting nearly to 60 countries with its trademark and international certificates.

AFS provides the best quality and the most economical products simultaneously to the world by using modern production technology, experience and sustained investments and it has become the symbol of quality and trustworthy in the sector.

ISOAFS-POLY thermally insulated polyester flexible air ducts are specifically produced for low and medium pressure heating, cooling, ventilation, exhaust and air conditioning systems.

• Airtight ISOAFS-POLY is produced from multi-layer polyester, strengthened with high tension steel spring wire, surrounded with glass wool insulation and reinforced metallized polyester vapour barrier.

• ISOAFS-POLY is highly elastic and flexible. It can be easily fitted to circular or oval connectors.